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Spiceandnice's Graphic Portfolio

About the community and artist

My name is spiceandnice, and this is my fandom art portfolio. I have only been doing graphics work since circa Oct '07, but I like to think I'm improving as I get increasingly addicted to playing around with Photoshop. I love to make celebrity and movie icons, so that's what the bulk of them are. However, I also make a lot of icons for the TV show Ugly Betty and I hope to start expanding my stock icon collection.

As I get more organized and up to pace with this community, I hope to expand to include banners, mood themes, headers, and tutorials (if I can remember to save how I did them, lol). At any given moment, I am taking requests for any of these and icons, depending if I'm going through a creative drought. You can check my request status and make one HERE.

I love comments, and respond to every one in due time. And you can always add me as a friend to see updates to the community.

For more on the community rules, links, or resources please see below.

Thanks for visiting!

A Sample Portfolio

Rules, Credits & Links

1. You must credit any icon, banner, header, etc. that you take. Obviously, I can't check up on you, but I'm having faith. Please respect the artist--I ask for credit not because I'm an egomaniac, but I want others to be able to come here if they see one of my icons they like in cyberspace. If you don't know how to credit, ask me, or check THIS post.
2. Do not edit, copy, redistribute or steal the graphics. I know sometimes it doesn't look like it, but some of these icons take me a while to make.
3. Please comment if you take something, it's always nice to know. :)
4. Please do not hotlink--it can make things crash. You may use the graphic on other sites, but please make sure to credit back.
5. Look around, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy!

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