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Rules, Credits & Links

1. You must credit any icon, banner, header, etc. that you take. Obviously, I can't check up on you, but I'm having faith. Please respect the artist--I ask for credit not because I'm an egomaniac, but I want others to be able to come here if they see one of my icons they like in cyberspace. If you don't know how to credit, ask me or check THIS post.
2. Do not edit, copy, redistribute or steal the graphics. I know sometimes it doesn't look like it, but some of these icons take me a while to make.
3. Please comment if you take something, it's always nice to know. :)
4. Please do not hotlink--it can make things crash. You may use the graphic on other sites, but please make sure to credit back.
5. Look around, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy!

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*My Resource List (If you found something I used but didn't credit, please let me know)*
*My Awards*

[364-398] Amy Adams
[399-430] James McAvoy
[431-451] Johnny Depp
[452-457] Keira Knightley
[458-470] Kristen Stewart
[471-478] Rachel McAdams
[479-488] Reese Witherspoon
[489-498] Robert Pattinson
[499-504] Sarah Michelle Gellar



Part One (Amy, James, and Johnny)Collapse )Part Two (Keira, Kristen, Rachel, Reese, Robert, and Sarah)Collapse )
16th-Apr-2008 04:30 pm - Shameless Self Promotion


Welcome to TWICONATHON, created by CHEFS_D_OEUVRE. Twiconathon is a community celebrating a new, more flexible, version of the very popular LIMS. Don't like worrying about having to submit an icon when you have real life to attend to? Tired of getting kicked out just because you had one bad icon round? Sick of not being recognized for your participation? And fed up that everytime you go to sign up for a LIMS you've missed the deadline? Then the Twiconathon is just for you!

19th-Mar-2008 04:09 am - Icon Update
Hi there,

Just a few things to day.  First up, thanks to the few who have joined the community!  It's always nice to know people appreciate my work.  Hope the word spreads, and I'll have a nice little family built up to share the love.

Second, what I'n working on--I work on things depending on two factors: 1) What I feel like and 2) What people are asking for.  So don't think I just write a standard "Thank you" to your comments; they really do mean something.  I count them almost as your vote for what you like and what you want. 

And right now, overwhelmingly, you all want more TWLIGHT TWILIGHT TWILIGHT!  So I'm busy working on more E/B, location shoot, A/J, E/C, and Emmett icons (I just can't bring myself to do Rosalie yet because I haven't warmed up to Nikki Reed and there are no pics of her blonde out there).  Just to note, I personally choose to only do icons of the chosen cast and not dream team.  I have no opposition towards the dream team choices (some I even prefer), but I think it's best to accept gracefully the hired cast and get used to seeing them as our beloved characters.  If you want Dream Team icons, you'll have to specifically request them.

I'm also working on Atonement Icons, Vanity Fair magazine shoot icons, and misc celebrities.  But those are slower to go since I'm trying to meet Twilight demand.

If you want something I'm not working on or Dream Team Twilight icons, I'm taking requests.  Right now, it's just for icons--when things get slower I'll open it up to mood themes, headers, etc.  Please make all requests in the request post found on the main page or side bar--I'll take the first 10 requests before I close it for a bit.

Lastly, I just had a random question.  I always feel bad because I post shorter icon posts of about 30-50 icons where a lot of people post massive icon dumps of arounf 100, and I always wondered which people preferred.  I tend to like the shorter posts since they are more specified and take less time to load.  But if I'm in the minority, I'll change my format.  You won't get posts as frequently, but you'll get huge batches when I do.

All right, thanks!
[257-260] Created from fanart by emmahleedotc   
[261-263] Created from fanart by  unknown (let me know!)
[264-265] Created from fanart by fadedpresence 
[266-281] Bella/Kristen Stewart
[281-289] Edward/Robert Pattinson


[211-212] Amelie
[213-216] Atonement
[217-220] Becoming Jane
[221-226] Center Stage
[227-230] Devil Wears Prada
[231-248] Funny Face
[249-253] The Little Mermaid
[254-256] Misc. Movies


[157-160] Created from fanart by janaparmajana   
[161-167] Created from fanart by fadedpresence   
[168-177] Created from fanart by chrissydechagny  
[178-197] Bella/Kristen Stewart
[198-210] Edward/Robert Pattinson




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