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Rules, Credits & Links

1. You must credit any icon, banner, header, etc. that you take. Obviously, I can't check up on you, but I'm having faith. Please respect the artist--I ask for credit not because I'm an egomaniac, but I want others to be able to come here if they see one of my icons they like in cyberspace. If you don't know how to credit, ask me or check THIS post.
2. Do not edit, copy, redistribute or steal the graphics. I know sometimes it doesn't look like it, but some of these icons take me a while to make.
3. Please comment if you take something, it's always nice to know. :)
4. Please do not hotlink--it can make things crash. You may use the graphic on other sites, but please make sure to credit back.
5. Look around, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy!

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*My Resource List (If you found something I used but didn't credit, please let me know)*
*My Awards*

[102-105] America Ferrera
[106-107] Christopher Mintz-Plasse
[108-110] Matthew Goode
[111-113] Zooey Deschanel
[114]       Patrick Flueger
[115-119] Shia Labeouf (+Megan Fox)
[120]       Raoul Bova
[121]       Fred Astaire
[122]       Cillian Murphy
                            [123-125] Julie Andrews and Abigail Breslin


Hollywood--Where the streets are paved with gold...Collapse )
[55]          2.02 "Family Affair"
[56- 58]     2.04 "Grin and Bear It"
[59-74]      2.05 "A League of their Own"
[75-80]      2.06 "Something Wicked this Way Comes"
[81-87]      2.07 "Nice Day for a Posh Wedding"
[88-91]      2.08 "I See Me, I.C.U."
[92]          2.09 "Giving up the Ghost"
[93-99]      2.10 "Bananas for Betty"
[100-101]      Misc.

More from Season 2 coming soon...


See you later, calculator...Collapse ) 
[26-38] Henry/Betty-related Text Icons, Primarily Season 2

26.     27.     28. 

You know you love it...Collapse ) 
16th-Feb-2008 12:11 am - Batch No.1, TV--Ugly Betty
[1-25] Gio/Betty, Random Season 2

 1.     2.     3. 

15th-Feb-2008 07:42 pm - Graphic Requests


Banners/Lj Headers--CLOSED
Icons (a batch of 5-10)--OPEN
Mood Themes--CLOSED

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